I find multiple sources having both dates for this match: either 2004-06-30, or 2004-07-01. Wikipedia is no help in multiple articles, as single matches aren't broken down to dates.

I fear that from USA's perspective it was June 30th, while on location (London) it was already July 1st. But since agencies and article writers are still not paying interest in stating timezones I'm lost on this. Inspecting pictures is no help either, as sometimes "date created" means "date modified" due to improper metadata usage.

Maybe the match was paused by raining and continued the other day, but I haven't read that anywhere.

Additionally I'd also like to know the on-location dates of Sharapova's other matches during Wimbledon 2004, but that's more a bonus.


The ladies semi-finals at Wimbledon are, unless delayed, played on the second Thursday of the Championship so the match will have been on the 1st July. (The men's semi-finals follow on the Friday, followed by the ladies final on the Saturday). I don't think there are any situations in which the ladies semi-final would be pulled forwards to the Wednesday.

This is supported by the BBC News report of the match which is at 15:25 GMT on the 1st July.

  • The "second Thursday" is an important background knowledge that is stated nowhere - thanks for that! Are there similar rules for all other matches? The article is not that much of a help - it even states "Last Updated", which is never bound to its content. The content never mentions the date, or time - it could refer to any given past. When an article was written and/or published rarily helps identifying the actual time the action has happened. – AmigoJack Oct 17 '16 at 11:37

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