In 2016, Roger Federer missed a Grand Slam for the first time in his career, the French Open. This was the first Grand Slam he had not competed in since the since 2000 Australian Open, i.e. 65 straight Grand Slams.

Is this a record? If it is, then what is the next highest number of consecutive slams played without a withdrawal?


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Roger Federer's 65 consecutive Grand Slam tournaments (2001 US Open - 2016 Australian Open) was indeed a record at the time of posting this question. Since then he was surpassed by Feliciano López with 79 (2002 French Open - 2022 Australian Open), Fernando Verdasco with 67 (2003 Wimbledon - 2020 Australian Open) and Andreas Seppi with 66 (2005 Wimbledon - 2022 Australian Open).

You should be able to find a list which is up to date in the Wikipedia article linked below.


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