Along with several aerodynamics and chassis weight regulation changes, the 2017 F1 season introduces wider tires.

  • 2016 Front/Rear tire width: 245mm / 325mm
  • 2017 Front/Rear tire width: 305mm / 405mm (+25%)

Is this the widest tire dimensions that a Formula One car has ever used?

  • VIsually the tyres used in the late 1970s appear wider than the ones for 2017 but I can't find any info re actual dimensions. – davidjwest Mar 31 '17 at 13:23

After searching a bit there is not much detail and definite answer but this link of Autosport says 1992 tyre width as 420mm and the biggest till now.

But this other link of Tyre-Shopper says same in 1992 and 2017.

This is the tyre used in 1992: 1992 formula One car with rear tyre

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