Does this only happen when kids play?

I have not seen this happen in adult leagues and when I play with friends nobody does this. (We are adults). But it happens at every game when my son plays (He is a kid).

  • It results in a jump ball in the NBA, change of possession in FIBA and NCAA. It happens on every competition level, including frequently in the NBA.
    – A D
    Mar 16 '17 at 21:22

This is a "held ball"; quoting from the FIBA rules, 12.1.2:

A held ball occurs when one or more players from opposing teams have one or both hands firmly on the ball so that neither player can gain control without undue roughness.

This results in a jump ball situation (12.3):

A jump ball situation occurs when:

  • A held ball is called.

Somewhat confusingly under FIBA rules, a jump ball situation does not result in a jump ball, but instead teams alternating possession on a throw-in (12.5.1):

In all jump ball situations teams will alternate possession of the ball for a throw-in at the place nearest to where the jump ball situation occurs.

Under NBA rules, it is also a held ball (Rule 4.VI) but does actually result in a jump ball (Rule 6.VI).

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