You lose a point if you move the table. but what does "moves" constitute? Is it rolling/moving leg? or as small as a vibration. if an opponent, or anything an opponent wears or carries, moves the playing surface;

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Vibration is not a move.

After a move the table, table-body or one table leg stands in a different place.

This means that if you cause the table tennis table to move whilst the ball is still in play, you lose the point.

This usually happens when you rush forward to play a shot. After you've played your shot, your forward momentum can cause you to move the table.

However, if the ball wasn't in play when you moved the table tennis table, there's no penalty. For example, once the ball has bounced a second time (either on the table, floor, surroundings, or hits your opponent), the ball's no longer in play.

Source: www.allabouttabletennis.com

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