When starting a game a whistle is blown by the referee only once. At the end of the 1st half the referee blows the whistle 2 times. At the end of the game the referee blows the whistle 3 times.

Is this in "The Laws of the Game" or is it just a guideline?

  • BTW, it's not a guideline either. The three whistles for full-time is simply a convention. – Reinstate Monica 2331977 Apr 5 '17 at 4:49

In the Law 5: The Referee section of IFAB Laws of the Game there is no mention of the number of whistles by referee.

In Body Language, Communication and Whistle subsection of the appendix section Practical Guidelines for Match Officials only the occasions for a whistle are listed, however the number of whistles again isn't mentioned anywhere in the Laws of the Game.

The whistle is needed to:

  • start play (1st and 2nd half of normal play and extra time), after a goal
  • stop play:
    • for a free kick or penalty kick
    • if the match is suspended or abandoned
    • at the end of each half
  • restart play for:
    • free kicks when the appropriate distance is required
    • penalty kicks
  • restart play after it has been stopped for a:
    • caution or sending-off
    • injury
    • substitution

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