Boxers compete within weight classes that specify the range within which a boxer's body-weight may lie. But boxers (particularly those close to a weight class boundary) can presumably increase or decrease their weight to fall in at least two different classes.

My question has the following parts:

  • what principles do a boxer/trainer use to determine which weight class to aim for? Do boxers tend to aim to loose weight and make the class below, or beef-up to enter the higher weight class?
  • what is the rationale behind this?

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I'd say the perfect is to be right below the Upper limit for a certain weight category. Thus all your opponents will weight less so you can use your weight for the advantages like taking hits/giving k.o.'s and especially clinching.

For every boxer it is important to keep balance between muscle weight and speed. Usually if you gain a lot of weight (muscle weight of course) you are getting slower. And vice Versa.

All this is very simplified and depends where an individual boxer can show the highest results.

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