In an average formula e race what sort of percentage energy usage comes from recovered powered vs the total energy used?

Is it a significant amount? Or is all the technology there for show? I.e a negligible amount of energy recovered etc...


After searching in many website for the answer of this question there is no data that shows percentage energy usage from recovered powered vs the total energy used.

In a website fuel-efficient-vehicles.org this one line states :

Formula E car maximum power output will be 200kW equating to 270 horsepower and the vehicle will have a max regenerative capacity of 150kW, powered by the brakes as drivers enter corners and chicanes.

Formula E car has 320kg Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) batteries which is connected with two MGU motors still lacks in power, so the car needs to be swapped mid way. Working of power unit

So technology is not all for the show and still regenerates some energy. This table shows energy recovered by MGU motors in formula one car, which is 160hp. Table Pic

Link to table website

In summary, from all data I have formula e have capacity to regenerate 150kw energy (Source given above), i'm not sure how much that comes out in percentage.

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