I'm trying to figure out fangraph.com's heat maps. For example, Mike Trout's Average per Pitch looks like this: enter image description here

(link)Heat Map (AVG/P)

Apparently the best he hits against pitches in any given location is 0.233 this season (as of 4/28/17), but his overall average is more than a hundred points higher at 0.337. How is that possible?

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I couldn't easily find how AVG/P was calculated on these maps. But standard averages are per at-bat, while these are per pitch. So I would expect the per-pitch numbers to be much lower.

  • Thanks. That makes sense. He only gets one swing (or take) at each pitch, but I've seen hitters get a dozen or more pitches in a single at bat.
    – Dummy
    May 30, 2017 at 6:10

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