The Pittsburgh Penguins didn't have a shot on goal for about 37 minutes in game 1 of the 2016-17 Stanley Cup finals. Although the Penguins fired a number of shots, they all either went wide or got blocked, and hence non of them counted as a shot on goal.

It's uncommon to not have a shot on goal for an entire period. Did the Penguins break the record for the longest time between 2 shots on goal, in the history of Stanley Cup finals or Stanley Cup playoffs?

If so, please state which team had this record previously.

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I googled "NHL no shots in a period" and found this:

Pittsburgh did not have a shot on goal in the second period. Nashville became the first team to hold an opponent to zero shots in a period during a Stanley Cup Final since the NHL began tracking shots on goal in 1957-58.

Considering that the source is the NHL, I consider the information reliable (and verifiable). Thus, it seems that this is the longest duration a team didn't register a shot on goal during the Stanley Cup Finals.

(This only answers the first part of your question - which is how it was stated originally. It would be nice to also find records for Stanley Cup playoffs and for regular season.)


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