Is there any limit that a (football) team can spend in one transfer window? For example, could a team buy Cristiano Ronaldo and Alvaro Morata in a single transfer window?

  • can we add about what confederation are we talking about.. there is no rule about it in conmebol (south america)
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Is there any limit that a (football) team can spend in one transfer window?

International transfers are governed by FIFA according to FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players. And there's no mention of transfer amount cap in these rules.

But if a team wants to participate in the UEFA competitions, then yes, there is, and this limit is regulated by UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations. It started in 2011 and in short, it requires the teams that have qualified for UEFA competitions to prove that:

...they do not have overdue payables towards other clubs, their players and social/tax authorities throughout the season. The teams have to prove that they have paid their bills.

Also note that same-association transfers are governed by the association regulations (approved by FIFA) in accordance with FIFA regulations (See this answer for further info).

The sections below give some additional overview to UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations:

Are clubs no longer allowed to have losses?

Clubs can spend up to €5m more than they earn per assessment period (three years). However it can exceed this level to a certain limit, if it is entirely covered by a direct contribution/payment from the club owner(s) or a related party. The limits are €45m for assessment periods 2013/14 and 2014/15; and €30m for 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18

What happens if clubs "don't play fair financially"?

Then UEFA's Club Financial Control Body decides on measures and sanctions:

  • warning
  • reprimand
  • fine
  • deduction of points
  • withholding of revenues from a UEFA competition
  • prohibition on registering new players in UEFA competitions
  • restriction on the number of players that a club may register for participation in UEFA competitions, including a financial limit on the overall aggregate cost of the employee benefits expenses of players registered on the A-list for the purposes of UEFA club competitions
  • disqualification from competitions in progress and/or exclusion from future competitions
  • withdrawal of a title or award

And the bonus question: "Can a team buy Cristiano Ronaldo and Alvaro Morata in a single transfer window?"

This question has likely arisen around the rumors of Cristiano Ronaldo and Alvaro Morata's move to Manchester United. According to Deloitte Football Money League 2017 Report, Manchester United had a whooping €689m record revenue in the past year, which means given that the total transfer price for 2 aforementioned players doesn't exceed the revenue of an interested club (which doesn't in case of MU), any club that has a revenue proportional to MU can technically afford those transfers. But, of course, those were only the technical details, the guessing part whether or not this will happen is opinion based and these opinions are quantified on betting sites:

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