Watching golf today, the commentators were emphasizing that finishing with a good 18th hole was critical towards the next day's play. Got me wondering if there's any statistical evidence of that? Whether it's a basketball player finishing with good points, a golfer finishing with birdie(s), a batter finishing with a hit (or pitcher with a strikeout), whatever... is there any data to show what happens?

I could also imagine a player coming off a previous roll to end a round/game/match... coming back and having a letdown snowball because an early stumble feels worse given the heavier euphoria coming into the day.

Seems like a lot of these sports clichéd beliefs end up being hard to quantify or blatantly disproven, but wonder if this one is any different?

  • Feel free to edit my wording as much as you wish, I seem pretty bad at finding sharp wording these days! – JeopardyTempest Jun 18 '17 at 3:42

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