Is there any bowler in cricket who has never given a wide/no-ball in his/her entire international career? Bowler should have bowled minimum of 5000 deliveries.

  • I'm sure there is, but probably someone who's bowled only one over or something like that. I suggest you add some sort of reasonable criteria to determine who to include. Yes, here we go - Gary Ballance has bowled two overs in international cricket and not given away an extra in either.
    – Philip Kendall
    Jun 22 '17 at 12:23

When you search for this question the answer you will likely to get is Michael Holding bowling 5473 (900 overs) without a single wide and no-ball, and also Joel Garner who bowled 5330 deliveries without a wide (or a no-ball) in ODI.

From ESPN Cricinfo article:

Derek Underwood (21,862 balls in 86 Tests) and Garry Sobers (21,599 in 93) never bowled a wide or a no-ball. (It's just possible that some of these players delivered no-balls which were scored from, which would not have counted against them at the time so might have escaped notice; the practice of debiting no-balls and wides against the bowlers' analyses started in the early 1980s.)

But one week later another article from cricinfo clarifies that Michael Holding and Joel Garner do have bowled a no-ball and wide ball. But also states:

Charles Davis, the Melbourne statistician, believes the leader in Test matches is probably the Australian legspinner Clarrie Grimmett (14,513 deliveries in 37 Tests), who never bowled a no-ball or a wide.

So neglecting Michael Holding and Joel Garner other three may have bowled without no-ball and wide.

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