I have seen that soccer fields vary in size. However, I believe there must be an agreed upon dimension for professional fields (Premier League, La Liga, MLS, etc.) What are these dimensions??

Either feet, yards, or meters works fine.


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The size of the picth is not evenly in every field. There are maximum and minimun size.

Law 1 told us about it:

Dimensions The touchline must be longer than the goal-line.

Length (touchline):

minimum 90m (100yds)

maximum 120m (130yds)

Length (goal-line):

minimum 45m (50yds)

maximum 90m (100yds)

Dimensions for international matches

Length (touchline):

minimum 100m (100yds)

maximum 110m (120yds)

Length (goal-line):

minimum 64m (70yds)

maximum 75m (80yds)

Competitions may determine the length of the goal-line and touchline within the above dimensions.

There is no rule about that the pitch has to maintain some aspect. in fact a field can be 90m X 45m or 90m X 89m, but the last one would be a very strange field.


You can see here that there is only a required range for the dimensions.

From my experience, I believe that even in professional leagues like the premier league, certain pitches do indeed have different dimensions and it can be an important influence on the game.

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