Video from a Vasyl Lomachenko twitter account.

Training device

What is the name of this device or similar type of device?

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It is a Sports Vision Trainer (SVT):


The SVTs come in different sizes and Lomachenko uses the smaller one with 32 lights.
They also have the picture of him using it on their website.


While I can’t provide the specific name to the device you show, I can tell you that it has many uses, one of which is improving hand to eye coordination. A company called Dynavision makes a very similar product called D2(Dynavsion Dynamic Motor) that is used in sports training and rehabilitation.

Listed benefits of it are:

  • Incorporates gross motor skills
  • Progresses neuro-cognitive abilities
  • Expands peripheral awareness
  • Trains reaction time
  • Improves functional mobility
  • Develops enhanced balance

It’s easy to see why a boxer would seek out this type of training device, as it can be used to improve his boxing abilities.

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