Stoke City goalkeeper Asmir Begovic's 91.9 metres (301ft 6in) goal against Southampton is the longest goal scored in the Premier League.

So, what is the longest goal scored in other top European leagues?

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German Bundesliga: Moritz Stoppelkamp for SC Paderborn against Hannover 96 in 2014/15 season from 83 meters. Video, source: bundesliga.com - German.

Italian Serie A: Enzo Ferrari for Palermo against Roma in 1968/69 season from 77 meters. Source: forzapalermo.it - Italian, gazetta.it - Italian.

Spanish La Liga: Antonio José González Santos for Numancia against Sevilla in 2004/05 season from 68 meters. Videoǂ, source: elmundo - Spanish, marca - Spanish.

ǂ *Video has a very poor quality, and player's team information label is wrong, i.e Levante instead of Numancia, probably because they have similar outfits.

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    Couldn't find an information for French Ligue 1. – gdrt Aug 6 '17 at 22:04
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