Over the years in football there have been many players who have scored hat-tricks in their clubs in their international debut matches.

For example: Serge Gnabry and Dieter Müller scored hat-tricks on their international debuts, Wayne Rooney on his Manchester United debut in 2004.

Is there any player who has scored a perfect hat-trick, which is achieved when a player scores one right-footed goal, one left-footed goal and one headed goal within one match, in debut match for a club or a country? If there is one who is he?


There may be many players with debut match perfect hat-tricks but the only one that I have found so far is Didier Drogba scoring perfect hat-trick on MLS debut in a 4-3 win over Chicago Fire for Montreal Impact. Youtube

There have been 33 perfect hat-tricks in premier league so far but I'm not sure whether any of them is in debut match. Players list

Other articles concerning perfect hat-tricks: bleacherreport, fifa


Akwasi Asante scored perfect hat-trick on his debut for Chester FC in November 2018 against Darlington FC.

Asante netted on 27 minutes with a header, followed by a left and then right foot effort in the second half ...

Reference: Chester FC 3 Darlington 1: Sublime Akwasi Asante hat-trick


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