Chelsea have conceded 3 goals against Burnley in new season first game of English Premier League 2017/18 being champion of previous year.

Is this the most for a previous year champion in top 5 European league, if it isn't which team has conceded more than this?

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Well, at least it's not the only one.

The analysis of all debut games in the new season of top 5 European league reigning winners from season 1998/2000 till now, shows that the only game that matches the same criteria was 2002/2003 Ligue 1 debut game Guingamp vs Lyon (3:3), the Lyonnaise side being the reigning champions of 2001/2002 season and conceding 3 goals in the debut match of the following season.

An interesting side fact is that this milestone has been achieved thanks to the future Chelsea FC's legend but then young Didier Drogba's late equalizer.

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    I'll improve my answer if I'll find an efficient way of analyzing the earlier seasons.
    – gdrt
    Commented Aug 16, 2017 at 17:10

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