What is the record for winning a Formula 1 race by a driver who has lead the least number of laps in that race?

For example: if one driver has been in position 1 for the entire race but on the last lap had an engine failure such that the driver in position 2 won the race without actually leading the race for any laps.

Has this ever happened? If not that what is the minimum number?

  • The lead laps is only defined when the driver crosses the line right? So, if he takes the win on last lap wouldn't be 0 laps lead? Commented Sep 13, 2017 at 11:37

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There have been cases where a driver won without leading a single lap (mostly due to post-race disqualifications), and there have been cases where a driver took the lead on the last lap, of which my favourite was the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix win by Jenson Button.

List of drivers who won without leading (source): WWL

List of drivers who won after leading only one lap (source):


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