Signed in 2008 at the Bronko Nagurski Charlotte Touchdown Club awards banquet. Not sure who signed this football.

enter image description hereenter image description here

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National Football Foundation site lists the following 5 finalists for the Bronko Nagurski award: Jerry Hughes, Rey Maualuga, Brian Orakpo, Alphonso Smith and Brandon Spikes.

From top to Bottom

  1. Jerry HughesJerry Hughes wore #98 at TCU #98 at TCU

    1. Brandon Spikes was #51 at Florida Spikes

    2. Alphonso Smith wore #2 at Wake ForestorKPO TEX

    3. Brian Orakpo wore #98 at Texas enter image description here

If there is a 5th signature it might be Rey Maualuga #58 at USC.

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