I've followed cricket for decades in the UK, and I can now watch it on ESPN here in the US. The sound technology and microphones pick up everything on the pitch.

I am puzzled by a shout heard after the ball is bowled. Someone shouts "play on!" but I can't figure out who.

I'm guessing it's an umpire letting the players know it's a valid ball. But who of the two umpires is calling and why doesn't it seem to be called for every ball?

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    Edits were made to correct your terminology, which I see you have changed back to the incorrect form. "Fair ball" is not a phrase used in cricket. The correct phrase for a legitimate delivery leading to play is "ball" or "valid ball" (and corresponding, an illegitimate delivery is "no ball"). – Nij Oct 2 '17 at 20:30
  • You are probably hearing the non-striking batsman call "run on". When the ball goes behind the striking batsman, it is down to the non-striker to call a run. – Chenmunka Oct 3 '17 at 15:06

My best guess here is that you're confused by something. Certainly neither of the umpires (note there are only two on the field) would ever make any indication that a ball is a valid delivery - they call no balls and wides, but make no indication for a fair delivery.

Without seeing the coverage it's hard to say any more, but if you forced me to guess, it would be one of the batsmen saying "no run" (which sort of vaguely rhymes with "play on"), a standard indication to their partner that they should not attempt to take a run.

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