I am starting to train for muay thai / boxing, and

I would like to know if there is any weight restriction for gloves.

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There are two ways to approach this question:

  1. What the rules permit for your weight class
  2. What your training instructor recommend

The World Muay Thai Council's rules state in section 3.3:

3.3. The glove sizes for competitions are as follows:

  • The boxers between the Mini Flyweight division and the Featherweight division must use the gloves of six (6) ounces (132 grams).
  • The boxers between the Super Featherweight division and the Welterweight division must use the gloves of eight (8) ounces (227 grams).
  • The boxers between the Super Welterweight division and over must use the gloves of ten (10) ounces (284 grams).

The USMTA also uses rules listed above, with this addendum for section 3.2:

Gloves at 12 oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18oz can be used for higher weights.

The weight of the leather shall not be more than half of the total glove weight, including the internal cushioning, which should always be in good condition. The laces are to be tied at the back of the wrist band. Gloves with Velcro fastening may also be used.

So it seems that you'd need gloves of at least 10 oz. for competition - perhaps larger ones if required for your weight class.

However, you should consult with your trainer/instructor to determine what type of gloves you should use for training. Perhaps he/she might want you to use heavier gloves to work on endurance, or gloves with more padding for protection.

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