I have recently begun hitting a foam ball against the wall to improve my volleys, since I have been playing more doubles lately. I think the benefits are reduced noise and it is not so hard on my arm joints, since it is not as heavy as a regular ball. It is a lot easier to keep the volleys going too, since it's more forgiving.

I do overheads, serves and volleys against a racketball court wall. I think it's a great cardio exercise, and I have seem some improvements on my volleys; I am more aggressive at the net now.

Are there any drawbacks to hitting with the foam ball, if I still hit with the regular balls from time to time?

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The central risk is getting used to incorrect technique. Since foam balls are significantly lighter than tennis balls, hitting them offers less feedback. Consequently many players begin swinging and/or using their wrists instead of leaning in. In the meantime, the light balls do not punish these mistakes and moreover obscure bad timing.


In and of itself, it's probably not detrimental, but it also probably isn't helping you very much beyond maybe half an hour a day.

Practice like you play. That means, practice by recreating the same conditions you will play in, to the greatest extent possible.

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