signature of a baseball playerHis daughter when to the middle school I use to go to and the autograph is from 2013 i believe he must have been around early 40 late 30 ish or at least he looked it.

I found it while going through some of my stuff. I'm quite sure it is from a baseball player

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    Where is this middle school? May help isolate for which teams he may have played. – Bryan Turriff Nov 7 '17 at 19:54
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Robert Reid.

I don't think this is baseball, but rather basketball. I searched Baseball Reference for players with #50 and looked at those with the first name of Robert and none of the names fit the signature. I then repeated this for NBA players with #50 on Basketball Reference and saw two named Robert - Robert Sacre and Robert Reid. A quick google image search of Robert Reid autographs showed very similar signatures to your photograph.

enter image description here