I was learning Laws of the Game from IFAB official website and have a question about the technical area.

In the Laws, it states as follows:

9. Technical Area


the occupants of the technical area:

  • are identified before the start of the match in accordance with the competition rules
  • must behave in a responsible manner
  • must remain within its confines except in specific circumstances, e.g. physiotherapist/doctor entering the field of play, with the referee’s permission, to assess an injured player

Look at the third item in italic font. I don't see it clearly states about substitutes. I see substitution players do warm-up during the match, in the area along the touchlines outside of the technical one. Is anything mentioned about this clearly in other chapters?

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I haven't found anything mentioning warming up of substitutes in official rules of FIFA (new, old), however I was able to find this in competition specific rules like UEFA Champions League, Carabao Cup (EFL), etc.

Regulations of the UEFA Champions League 2017/18:

Article 41 Rules governing the technical area

41.03 During the match, substitutes are allowed to leave the technical area to warm up. The referee determines exactly where they may warm up (behind the first assistant referee or behind the advertising boards behind the goal) and how many substitutes are allowed to warm up simultaneously. In principle, three substitutes per team are allowed to warm up at the same time; exceptionally, if space so permits, the referee can allow up to seven substitutes of each team to warm up simultaneously in the determined area. The team fitness coach (indicated on the match sheet) may join the players warming up and is responsible for the respect of the referee’s instructions.

Carabao Cup Rules & Regulations:

10 Substitutes

10.3 All substitutes must be nominated and included on the official Team Sheet handed to the Referee prior to the match. Not more than three substitutes of each Club may warm up or down at the same time on the perimeter of the pitch on which the match is being played.

Which shows that this rule is specific to different competitions. So, substitutes may warm up along the side of the pitch as per the regulation of a competitions.

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