Does the adjustment to the grounding law - that the bat bouncing up will no longer result in a run out, if you don't change your line - apply to stumpings?

I often see a wicket keeper hesitate, hoping that the batsman will lift his/her foot from behind the crease. Does this still apply, or does the batsman have to move out of his/her crease along the pitch line?

  • The change is not to Law 38, Run out, it is to Law 30, Batsman out of his/her ground.
    – Nij
    Dec 26, 2017 at 19:34

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Law 30.1.2 reads as follows (emphasis added):

30.1.2 However, a batsman shall not be considered to be out of his/her ground if, in running or diving towards his/her ground and beyond, and having grounded some part of his/her person or bat beyond the popping crease, there is subsequent loss of contact

between the ground and any part of his/her person or bat,

or between the bat and person,

provided that the batsman has continued movement in the same direction.

While this could, in theory, apply to stumpings, for instance if a batsman was a long way out of his/her crease and dives to get back, it would not apply to simply raising a foot off the ground whilst standing at the wicket, since the Law specifies that the batsman must be "running or diving".

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