Take a look at the rectangle in this picture. enter image description here

I understand that M stands for the whole amount of participants (it is like "S" for Singles).
Q stands for qualifiers.
D for doubles tournaments.
X stands for mixed tournaments.

What do "32,16,16" (in the Shenzhen tournament) mean?

I have been told that for example in the Shenzhen tournament the qualification board can have 16 female players and only 4 may qualify. It means that each player must win two matches to enter in the competition. But, how do you know that only 4 can qualify? It is not written in the 2018 WTA calendar.

Moreover, how come in the Australian Open the 2018 prize money is not showed?


(Partial answer)

From WTA 2018 calender:

TFC: Total Financial Commitment is the Tournament’s Investment in the event, including Tour Fees, Bonus Pool contributions and on-site prize money

: Unlisted amounts are TBD for each event based on the Prize Money Formula Rule (Premier 5 Minimum - $2,666,000; Premier 700 Minimum - $776,000)

That means prize money is not decided yet for Australian Open, which will be done through Prize Money Formula Rule (see: WTA 2018 rulebook page 167 for more information).

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