I apologise if this question may sound ridiculous. I would like to know if there are any limitations to qualify for the Australian Open.

For example, to qualify for the WTA Finals, WTA players compete throughout the year in over 53 tournaments plus the Slams. By doing so, players earn ranking points and ONLY the first 7 (or 8) top players can have access to the WTA finals.

Is there a similar rule also for the Australian Open?

  • I would assume that you would need to be a registered WTA or ATP player in order to qualify, there is also likely a fee to participate. I'm not sure how else they would narrow down the field of players but if I were to outright guess I'd say there's probably a minimum number of ATP or WTA points you would need to have in order to qualify for the right to qualify for the tournament. – Bob Smith Jan 31 '18 at 2:13

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