I have a football presumably from a 1980's era LA Raiders summer camp. Signatures include: Marcus Allen, Mike Haynes, Willie Gault, James Lofton, Howie Long, Rod Martin, Bill Bickel, Jim Plunkett, and Jerry Robinson. There is a signature I can't identify. Also, there are two initials at either end of the ball--a "P" and an "R". Can anyone help me identify the unknown signers? enter image description here

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This is a shortened version of Tim Brown's signature. More elaborate Tim Brown signatures do not look as similar. (Search)

What appears to be an "85" can be explained away through the fact he wore this number during the preseason of 1988, his first season as a Raider. (Source)

“When I first got to the Raiders I actually wore 85 in preseason and I was crying the whole preseason,” Brown said. “I was trying not to go to the media about it, but finally I had to make a deal with the tight end who was wearing the number 81."

The signature below is the closest I can find in similarity and timeframe.

enter image description here

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