the ball has bobby brown as american league president. was found in maine. bobby brown was american league president from 1984 to 1994. could it be a red sox player?

tried to find on autographs website no luck. looks like jk plyoo enter image description here


Searched List of Major League Baseball players (Ph–Pz)

Found the name Jeff Plympton who appeared in just 4 games as a relief pitcher for the Red Sox in 1991 - both consistent with your time frame 1984-1994 and possible team.

His middle name is "Hunter" - perhaps explaining the second initial in the autograph above. Could also bee he double "f" of Jeff.

As you can imagine an obscure player such as Mr. Plympton has relatively few autograph samples to compare to your picture, but this one bears a strong resemblance in both the J and the P:

enter image description here

Here is a signed ball, and while he signed his full name, Jeffry, here, it can be expected that he had little practice of signing autographs owning to his obscurity likely resulting in not having a standard signature at that time:

enter image description here

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