There are many dedicated sensors available for soccer games and major clubs have stated to use them. Are all these sensors (as listed in the link) approved by FIFA? I know that FIFA has approved Goal Line and VAR technology recently. I want to know the list of sensors that are approved by FIFA till now.

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    As listed in the link? List them here please. The question should be complete.
    – gdrt
    Mar 6, 2018 at 9:27

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The Laws of the game allow only specific gear:

Players (including substitutes/substituted and sent off players) are not permitted to wear or use any form of electronic or communication equipment (except where EPTS* is allowed). The use of any form of electronic communication by team officials is not permitted except where it directly relates to player welfare or safety.

* Electronic performance and tracking systems

And if EPTS are allowed:

Where wearable technology (WT) as part of electronic performance and tracking systems (EPTS) is used in matches played in an official competition organised under the auspices of FIFA, confederations or national football associations, the technology attached to the player’s equipment must bear the following mark:

enter image description here

So (except for health and safety devices) only EPTS devices are allowed in certain competitions and they must have that mark. Anything else is forbidden.

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