In the NBA, if PlayerA fouls ShooterA on a shot attempt and PlayerB cleanly blocks the shot (no foul called on PlayerB), does the block count in the stat sheet?

If the answer is no, is there a stat that tracks this?

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    If a player is fouled while shooting and he misses (blocked) the shot never happened in the world of stats, if he makes it it counts as a field goal attempt and make. Therefore a block cannot happen even with the most advanced stats. There is no way you would give someone credit for blocking a guy that was fouled - not only useless, but unfair, and arbitrary in that some of these blocks could be very very easy - imagine guy getting hammered and throwing up "whatever" from his hip...
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From Wikipedia about blocks

...Also, on a shooting foul, a blocked shot cannot be awarded or counted, even if the player who deflected the field goal attempt is different from the player who committed the foul...

If a block is made after a shooting foul is called, it is not credited, nor is it tracked.


Only if it is a shooting foul. If Player B blocks the shot, he is awarded a block.

Some fouls are called in the progress of a play, but are determined to be on the floor (non-shooting foul). In this instance, neither a shot attempt, nor a block is counted. No stats are kept for this block.

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