What is the longest additional time ever used in Europe's top five leagues? Please mention the details of the match.

  1. English Premier League

As already stated in this answer for the question EPL match with the longest injury time is Arsenal v. West Ham United, 23 January 2013 (12 minutes 58 seconds).

Due to the earlier injury to Potts, 12 minutes of injury time were needed after the 90 minutes were up and unsurprisingly Arsenal dominated with the man advantage.


. . . plus 12 minutes of injury time with 10 men


  1. La Liga

Barcelona vs Espanyol 2008 match got extended for 13 minutes.

While not technically "injury time," the fireworks of the Catalan derby between Espanyol and Barcelona were extended for 13 minutes in 2008 after fans continued to disrupt play.

  1. Ligue 1 (not sure whether this is longest or not)

Strasbourg vs PSG 02 Dec 2017 had nine minutes of stoppage time.

PSG had chances to win during nine minutes of stoppage time ...


Pressure was intensely applied to the Strasbourg goal, with nine minutes of stoppage time giving them even greater hope of a leveller.


Strasbourg defended relentlessly during nine minutes of stoppage time ...


  1. Bundesliga (not sure whether this is longest or not)

Cologne vs Hamburg 2017 had 13 minutes of added time. In this game Lewis Hotlby made history by scoring a Bundesliga goal in the 100th minute.

A bizarre Bundesliga match between Cologne and Hamburg saw two goals and a VAR review during over 13 minutes of added time


The extremely late action came because of an injury to referee Felix Brych early in the second half, with the final whistle ultimately blown in the 114th minute.


Other notable matches:

...there were about 23 minutes of stoppage time in the first-half alone after a broken leg, a dislocated shoulder (Bees striker Lloyd Owusu passed out from the pain and an ambulance had to be driven up to the pitch), and serious concussion caused the delay...

Seventeen minutes did the board read, the longest added time in the Asian Champions league, the A-League and all recorded Asian premier leagues.

Geiger then awarded an 89th-minute penalty when Torres fell on the ball after an attempted clearance to plunge the game into extra time and spark a 10-minute stoppage marred by flying beverages and scuffles on the field.


The match was delayed for more than 10 minutes before order was restored.


Note: Haven't found any resources for Serie A, not sure the one I mentioned for Ligue 1, Bundesliga is the longest or not. Question mentions injury/stoppage time. Thanks to dly for information on Bundesliga.

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    It's not worth an answer of its own, but in the Bundesliga it was (probably) HSV - Cologne with 14 minutes when the ref got injured and had to be replaced.
    – dly
    Apr 5 '18 at 6:10
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    I'd like to suggest an addition to the "other notable matches" section: an FA Cup first-round tie between Torquay United and Crawley Town that featured at least 21 minutes of second-half stoppage time.
    – F1Krazy
    Nov 8 '20 at 15:16

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