Is it possible to improve your table tennis skills by yourself without a table as well?

If so are there exercises that one could do to improve your table tennis skills by yourself?


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One article discussed various solo table tennis training drills. Topics included:

  • Serving Practice
  • Shadow Play and Ghosting
  • Solo Footwork Drills
  • Video Footage Analysis
  • Table Tennis Robots

Each topic had several practical pointers and tips.

One table tennis forum post dealt with this question and had two suggestions:

  1. Shadow play (mentioned in the first article above)
  2. Purchase a return board

Regarding the return board, one poster noted:

return boards have proper rubber on them, and can actually help you, unlike folding the table up

These resources suggest that there's a wide range of drills that one can do without purchasing any equipment - at minimum shadow play and footwork drills can be done without any equipment. At the high end, buying a robot or doing video analysis can be costly, but can provide good returns if solo practice is very important.

  • Ah great idea return board
    – chrisjlee
    Feb 17, 2012 at 5:19

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