A tall back-row player executes a legal back-row attack, ending up near the net, and is immediately in a position to "joust" for a tight ball by simply reaching above the net, without jumping, winning the point. Is this an illegal block by a back-row player?

The ruleset in use by this league is unclear, bonus points for any differences.

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This is an illegal block. Quoting FIVB rule 14.1.1:

Blocking is the action of players close to the net to intercept the ball coming from the opponent by reaching higher than the top of the net, regardless of the height of the ball contact. Only front-row players are permitted to complete a block, but at the moment of the contact with the ball, a part of the body must be higher than the top of the net.

and 14.6.2 which lists the faults which can be made while blocking:

A back-row player or a Libero completes a block or participates in a completed block.

In particular, note that it is the fact of reaching higher than the top of the net which makes it a block. Whether or not the player jumps is irrelevant.

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