I have been reading this, but the details still feel unclear. https://www.sportingcharts.com/dictionary/nba/second-chance-points.aspx

Short question: Will any shooting miss activate the possibility for second chance points as long as the ball stays on the team? (ie both regular shot and free throw). Or wont a missed free throw activate the possibility for second chance on the teams next shot?

The link says

If a player is fouled on a shot attempt and receives free throws, any points scored are not considered second chance points.

[1] I interpret this that if a player tries to shoot, but is fouled, this will not count ass a missed shot that will activate the chance to get second chance points on an eventual free throw. Am i right?

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    I would interpret this as, any points scored after an offensive rebound. This would include a free throw miss. Commented Jul 25, 2018 at 12:49
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To quote the article from original link included in the OP:

A basketball phrase used to describe any points scored during a possession by the offense after an offensive player has already attempted one shot and missed.

I take this as meaning that any shot attempt that allows for a rebound (which includes the last shot on a free throw sequence) that results in an offensive rebound and a subsequent score will be considered second chance points. So yes, getting an offensive rebound immediately activates a second chance point chance.

If a player is fouled on a shot attempt and receives free throws, any points scored are not considered second chance points.

My interpretation of this is that even if a player fouled on a shot attempt off an offensive rebound makes the shot for an and-one free throw, the points scored on that shot (but not on the free throw) would also be credited as second-chance points, much like how this would be counted as a field goal.


Basketball is a game of offense and defense. The defense wins when the offense fails to score on a single possession. The offense can lose to the defense in a multitude of ways (Turnovers, Missed Shots, Offensive fouls). The offense can win in multiple ways besides making a basket(scoring). This is where second chance points come into play. When the offense is able to recover a missed shot (offensive rebound), they are rewarded with a second chance to score... if they do score the correct term for this is (second chance point).


In simple sense. It's when points are scored when the ball is recovered and scored from within the same offensive play

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