I have recently started indoor climbing (doing beginners courses now) and noticed it's really a two person sport with one climbing and the other anchoring.

However, I don't have anyone to go climbing with yet and also don't want to be pinned down to much by someone elses schedule.

  • Are there any ad-hoc ways of finding someone or a small group to climb with at the gym?
  • Are there any good apps for finding a climbing buddy (netherlands/europe based)?
  • How would I approach others about this?

I will also be asking my instructor about this during the next lesson but want to go in as informed as possible.

PS: Solo bouldering is not a solution.

  • Doesn't this depend on your gym and the people going there? Have you tried the standard ways of finding people (like social media groups)? And approaching others is fairly easy: ask them nicely. – dly Sep 11 '18 at 6:38