I am doing a research paper on European football, and I am looking for individual player statistics. For example, numbers on detailed stats like shots, shots on target, passes, tackles, blocks, interceptions, clearances, aerial battles won/lost, fouls, offsides, etc. I am able to find data for the English Premier League on the Premier League Stats Centre. However, I am finding it quite difficult to find similar data for other leagues such as La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and Serie A.


I found two really nice links:

  • The WhoScore gives you a lot of information. You just need to click the league you want to observe.
  • Roto Wire is like WhoScore but with more advanced stats (you need to subscribe on this one).

You can access to the official league website and there you have a lot of statistics, for example, Bundesliga.


For the Bundesliga, kicker is among the best when it comes to individual level data.


I think optasports is the best website for all the statistics related to football. https://www.optasports.com/

also visit: http://www.squawka.com/en/football-player-rankings

  • Optasports seem to be more of a paid service, but squakwa is a very useful resource albeit with limited years.
    – Keith
    Nov 10 '18 at 14:32

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