Who took the most wickets in 1 over in cricket? I got to know that Muhammad Aamir is not the right answer; there is someone else who took more wickets than him.

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Well, in international cricket, the most taken by a bowler in a single over is 4 wickets. This has happened six times in Test cricket:

  1. Maurice Allom - For England vs New Zealand in 1929
  2. Ken Cranston - For England vs South Africa in 1947
  3. Fred Titmus - For England vs New Zealand in 1965
  4. Chris Old - For England vs Pakistan in 1978
  5. Wasim Akram - For Pakistan vs the West Indies in 1990
  6. Andy Caddick - For England vs the West Indies in 2001

Lasith Malinga (Sri Lanka) also took 4 wickets in an over in an ODI match against South Africa in 2007.


Malinga's 4 wickets came across 2 overs.

Chaminda Vaas, however, took 4 wickets in an over against Bangladesh, including a hat-trick off the first 3 balls. The 4th wicket came off the 5th ball.

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Neil Wagner has taken 5 in an over against Wellington in 2011, the first and only time this has happened in first-class cricket.

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  • He was playing for Otago at the time. This is well documented within NZ cricket. You can watch it here youtu.be/B5eGlA6YvkA Mar 21 at 5:05
  • Can also read one of the original stories here from the NZ herald. nzherald.co.nz/sport/… Mar 21 at 5:08

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