Which ODI player has 99.8 average in his career and in last match of his career he was out on 0 ? As if he had just one score in his last match then his average would have became 100.


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No player with a reasonable number of innings has an ODI average remotely close to 99, or even above 70.

You have misheard or misremembered the details of such a statement being made about Don Bradman, whose Test average was 99.94.

He required only four runs from his last innings to achieve exactly 100 average, but instead was bowled for a two-ball duck.


I think you've gotten Don Bradman's Test average of 99.94 mixed up. No player has an ODI average near 99. The highest, having played a minimum of 20 innings, belongs to Ryan ten Doeschate of the Netherlands with an average of 67.

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