Shahid Afridi has hit 12 runs off one ball (video link).

Except him, has another batsman ever in cricketing history hit 12 runs off one ball?

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    All: please don't get into arguments about semantics. If it's clear what "double six" is intended to mean, then that's OK. We don't always have to use the precise rulebook terminology for everything (it's very rarely referred to as a "Boundary 4", and crossing sports nobody calls it "kicks from the penalty mark"). And as a general reminder to everyone, please try and keep within the spirit of the Code of Conduct. Thank you. – Philip Kendall Nov 25 '18 at 19:52

No. Afridi is not the only player to do so, and arguably didn't deserve it, unlike

Travis Birt

January 2012: Big Bash League, for Hobart Hurricanes v Melbourne Stars

Clint McKay took the fifth over bowling to Birt, beginning it with 0, 4, 4, 6.

His first attempt at the fifth ball was a no ball hit for Boundary Six (total: 6, 1 bye). His second attempt was a repeat of the first (total: 12 runs, 2 byes).

On the third delivery he finally kept his foot back, and Birt played it on for the wicket.

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