When my opponent is serving in squash, if I want to return the serve, can I volley this ball back to them? That is, without the ball hitting the floor (opponent serves > front wall > I volley the ball back).

If yes, do I have to stay within my own serving box? How many of my feet have to remain in the box, one or both?

If no, can I cross the T-line in front of my box if I keep one foot in it?

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Yes, you can volley. A legal serve is defined in Rules of Squash. Defining where the ball must land is:

5.7.4 the ball, unless volleyed by the receiver, bounces for the first time in the opposite quarter-court without touching any line; and [...]

Volleying allows the serve to be legal without landing on the ground.

The service box and quarter-court lines are limits for the server and the serve, not the receiver. I don't see it explicitly mentioned in the rules, but the receiver should be able to stand anywhere that doesn't interfere with the service.

  • This is something I have done before, although I've not stepped over the line to volley very early. It's a very attacking shot. Jun 30, 2021 at 11:45

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