when i bowling my bowling arm rotate two times.because of that when i'm bending my front arm the bowling arm is still in lower position.because of that ball coming lately from hand and it's going slowly.pre-delivery stride

enter image description here

delivery stride


Everyone say i'm not hitting deck hard.so tried my best but it doesn't work.then i realize my bowling arm not parallely work with non arm bowling arm.then i change my action.from that action when i jump,my bowling arm point out to ground before my back foot lands.Because of that my action change to front arm bowling action.but still my senior players say i'm not hitting the ball deck hard,i'm just releasing bowl freely.i'm now stressed about this problem.anyone can help me.please.

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  • You obviously have some people around you who are capable of giving you advice; by far your best bet is to talk to them (and your coach) as to what you need to change as it's going to be much easier for them to give advice than us. – Philip Kendall Dec 6 at 10:27

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