What should one consider when making a forehand stroke in tennis, and what should you look to avoid?


According to optimumtennis.net, you should make sure you have proper positioning. Some other tips are to avoid a closed racket, holding your racket with a closed grip upon contact. You should also make sure that your swing angle is correct, from low to high. The other tips for a forehand stroke is to follow through, and transfer your weight.


What to do:

  • Stand next to the ball

  • Make sure you are in the right grip

  • Make sure you have both hands on the racket (right hand at the bottom if right-handed) then turn, let your let hand go and swing

  • Make sure you follow through

  • Get back in your ready positio before it bounces on the other side

Not to do:

  • Stand in front of the ball

  • Hit with both hands

  • Not follow through

  • Not get back in the ready position afterwards

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