12-14 year old youth in 60/90 baseball. Younger pitchers can barely throw the ball to the plate, to say little of accuracy. Technique needs a ton of improvement. They tire quickly.

There's a limited amount of time to get them ready for the spring season start. Not looking to turn them into Nolan Ryans, just be able to get them to get the ball over the plate consistently for a good 20-30 pitches.

We have tons of drills, that is not an issue. The issue is proper training methodology.

One train of thought is to have them practice by starting closer to the plate by a distance they can comfortably reach without struggling; then work on technique, and - little by little based on their progress - gradually move them back closer to the mound.

The other train of thought is to have them start on the mound, throw as hard as they can, and work on technique as they go. In other words, to develop technique and strength at the same time.

Thoughts on approach? Maybe another method is better?

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