AFC has two official languages - English and Arabic.

The official languages of the AFC shall be English and Arabic. In the event of any differences in any interpretation, the English text shall prevail. - AFC

What is the reason that Arabic is an Official Language of AFC?

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    There are a lot of countries in Asia where a lot of people talk Arabic. I am more surprised that there is no more official languages from Asia (Japanese, Hindu, Chinese, Korean). After all, it is Asian Football Confederation. Jan 25 '19 at 14:03
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    Arabic is the only official language of any country in Asia that is spoken in many countries (the only one I can think of). That may have had something to do with this, but I suspect politics must've been a reason too.
    – alamoot
    Jan 25 '19 at 14:38
  • @alamoot Farsi(Persian), Pashto, Urdo, Chinese are spoken in more than two countries
    – mahan
    Jan 25 '19 at 19:10
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    Arabic is spoken in 10+ countries in Asia, big difference
    – alamoot
    Jan 25 '19 at 19:24

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