Was there a coin toss to decide who gets ball first ? If so, what was the outcome?

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It is clear that either the AFC won the toss to begin the game, or that the NFC won and deferred. The following information indicates there was a coin toss.

Looking at this statistic PDF document of the Pro Bowl held in 2018 it can be seen that the NFC won it last year. (it's at the top of page 9 in this document) This document is linked on the Wikipedia page for last year's Pro Bowl game. This year's Pro Bowl game Wikipedia page does not have a link yet for such a document, and this site is password-protected.

Since there is no news that the rules have changed for the Pro Bowl to this effect (i.e. eliminating a coin toss), it can be assumed that a coin toss would have determined the AFC receiving the ball first. I believe it is safe to say that teams do not choose to defer in the Pro Bowl. I would say that the AFC won it and chose to receive.

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