I'm building a software scoreboard for basketball. I want to start with the absolute minimum feature set. What would that be? What are the the things that you would absolutely expect to see on a scoreboard?

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    Please clarify the question. Do you want something that adheres to rules for displaying score information or are you polling for what most people want/expect? – Nij Feb 3 at 1:00
  • The latter. Is it clearer now? – caspii Feb 3 at 7:09
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    Yes, much clearer, though unfortunately that makes it definitely off-topic here. – Nij Feb 3 at 7:11
  • I disagree with @Nij. I would say that this question is on-topic. – Ben Miller Feb 5 at 0:26
  • Having something objective to refer to, sure. Asking what any random group would expect with no additional support or reference, the definition of a(n off-topic) poll. – Nij Feb 5 at 0:47

In addition to Coach-D's response, don't forget the time remaining and the half/quarter which you are in.

Score, timeoutes, fouls, bonus situation is the minimum.

  • This is a good addition. I was just going bare minimum. For rec basketball leagues we have the little rectangle scoretable display board and my answers choices are on there. Never thought about the quarter/half for minimum stuff since it is just two 20 min halves. – Coach-D Feb 4 at 23:48

Score, timeoutes, fouls, bonus situation is the minimum.

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