When looking around for notes on ballroom dancing you will stumble across many abbreviations, many of them are very clear. But the dances itself (referring to the usual ten ballroom dances in a competition) seem to lack clear abbreviations.

While searching I have found

  • S/SA/SB for Samba, C/CC/CCC for Cha Cha Cha, R/RU/RB for Rumba, J/JI/JV for Jive, P/PA/PD for Paso Doble
  • W/SW for Slow Waltz, VW/WW for Viennese Waltz, T/TA/TG for Tango, F/SF for Slow Foxtrot, Q/QS for Quickstep

Unfortunately, I have found no official reference (maybe from WDSF) which lists the abbreviations. Is there such a list or if not why not?

Please note that I have not found a tag for dancing here on Sports.SE, so if it is off-topic I would be glad if you could point me to some other place.

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