Tonight I saw an article on the Green Bay Packers' official website saying that longtime fan-favorite fullback John Kuhn would be retiring as a Packer. It's not clear to me what that means.

John Kuhn did not play in the last NFL season and prior to that played a couple of years with the New Orleans Saints. The last team he played for was not the Packers. Nor does the article mention anything about him signing a 1-day contact with the team which I understand is something that happens occasionally. So what does it mean when the official team website says that he will be "retiring as a Packer"?

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Lots of contract stuff happens in March. I am uncertain if there are any restrictions on signing free agents at the moment.

However, I would assume you can read this announcement that he intends to sign a 1-day contract.

There is one article that reports such a contract is planned, but it doesn't list the source for that information.

Fullback ​John Kuhn announced that he will sign a one day contract and retire as a Packer.

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